These are my GITA 2 projects, if you want to check them out, feel free to click on the images to open the webpages!

Russian Misinformation

In this project, I researched russian misinformation and the causes behind it.

Tech Project

In this project, I researched a new technology that was interesting to me.

Business Card

This is my business card.


This is a collage that represents me!

Dice Game

This project simulates rolling dice, it displays the times you rolled a sum, and displays the probability of rolling a sum as well!

Craps Game

This program builds on the dice game, but now it simulates a game of craps! Try your luck and see if you can beat the house!

Online Store

This project simulates an online store.

Online Store 2.0

This project is like the online store, but better!

Circle Bounce

This project uses a timer to move around objects on the canvas. Two circles bounce around a square!


This is a game that simulates a pinball machine. Try to beat the high score!

X-Streme Webpage

This project shows just how x-streme computer science is.

Space Invaders

This is a mini space invaders game. In this game, the player can move side to side with the a and d keys as well as fire a bullet using the spacebar. The players goal is to prevent the space invaders from reaching the bottom and to prevent the AI invader from hitting and killing the player.

Circle Bounce 2.0

This Project is an upgrade of the previous circle bounce project, and involves an array of circles and a rectangle that eats the circles!

Internet Project

This project uses a template and explores important political issues regarding the internet.


This Project simulates a submarine in a fish tank where a sub floats around a fish tank with fish and a shark. The shark eats the fish if it gets too close, and if the sub gets close to the fish they ru away.

Number Array

This program generates 5000 random numbers between 1 and 5000(when the 'Start' button is pressed), and it outputs the statistics of the greatest, least, and the average values in the array. The user can then search for any number from 1 to 5000 to see it's position in the array.

Space Invaders Upgrade

This project is an upgrade of the space invaders project that we did earlier in the year and uses arrays and for loops to create a much more fun and enjoyable playing experience. Key presses" WASD-move, SPACEBAR- fire bullet

Final Project

My final project is a website I made for Team 7157, BOHS's robotics team. I did not use a template from online, it is all custom!


GITA 2 is all about HTML!

This year in GITA, we learn about HTML. Professionals use HTML to create the websites that you browse every day! However, we don't just use HTML, we also use CSS and JavaScript to style our forms and to perform calculations necessary to the website. Overall, this year is a lot more difficult that GITA 1, but I am still very excited for this class!


My Goals for GITA 2

1. My main goal is to get better at HTML and creating websites. My GITA 1 website was ok, but I want it to be better, a lot better. I want my GITA portfolio to look as professional as possible!
2. Another goal of mine this year is to get a 4 or 5 on the AP Computer Science Principles exam. GITA 2 is not only just a web-development class, it also teaches important things about computer science principles in general, not just specifically about HTML.