This is my GITA 1 webpage! This page contains all of the projects that I have done in my GITA 1 school year. This year we program in C#! You can learn more and download the program yourself by clicking on the button below! In addition, you click on any of the projects to download them and try them out for yourself!

More about C#


Goodbye Program:
This program says Goodbye in 5 different languages. You select the language you want the form to say goodbye in and it appears, replacing the previous Goodbye.

Help Page:
This program is designed to be a professional help page that displays the company trademark, the company logo, and the background information of the company when certain buttons are pushed.

Mailing label:
This program formats your mailing information automatically for you. All that the user must do is input their information and with one click of a button, the form will format your information for you!

Car Rental:
This program allows you to input your mailing information and format it for you, and then let you input the days rented, and odometer readings to calculate the total cost of renting the car. It also displays the manager stats of the total number of returned cars, and average sale.

This program calculates one's BMI based on their height and weight that they inputted. It also determines if one is underweight, overweight, obese, or the correct weight.


Car Rental Upgrade:
This program is an upgraded version of the original car rental program. However, you can choose which car you want to rent, and what upgrades you want for the car to have. So, the program determines the cost of the rental for that specific type of car that you selected.

Test Score Program:
This program allows you to find the average of two tests. You input your scores, and it displays the grades for each test, the average grade, and which of the two tests had a higher grade.


Dice Game:
This program shows the statistics of rolling the dice. When you push the roll button, the two dice will "rolled," and The chart will display the odds of rolling that number along with all of the other sums of the dice.


Craps Game:
This program simulates a real craps game. You roll the dice, and when you do so, if you roll a 7 or 11 you win. However, if you roll a 2, 3, or 12 on your first roll, you lose! If you don't roll those numbers, the sum of the dice become your "point" and if you roll it in any of the following rolls, you win! On the following rolls however, you lose if you roll a 7. You keep rolling until you win or lose!

Very very Boards T-shirts:
This program allows one to order multiple T-shirts with different add-ons and sizes. Then, it also displays the manager stats once the order has been completed.


Slot Machine:
This machine simulates a real slot machine. You can input credits, and then play the slot machine. You have to select the amount you wish to bet, and then roll! You win the jackpot when all three pictures match!

Rock Paper Scissors Game:
This program allows you to play Rock, Paper, Scissors virtually! Player 1 selects their symbol, and then Player 2 selects their symbol. When you press reveal, the winner will be revealed! The program also keeps track of each player's wins!

Fish Tank 1:
This program displays an octopus that moves left or right with the push of a button. It will also move autonomously if the button is pressed. The program will keep track of the amount of times the octopus bumped the left side of the "tank" and the right side of the "tank".

Fish Tank 2:
This program is very similar to fish tank 1, except there are now rows and colomns of picture boxes, 24 picture boxes in total. There is also a shark to go along with the octopus, and if both images go into the same picture box, the shark will eat the octopus.

This program simulates a game of tic-tac-toe. It is an array of 9 picture boxes. Either there can be a cat's game(tie), or a player will win by getting three in a row.


N! Factorial:
This program displays different sequences of numbers based on the rule. There are 5 different rules, evens, odds, range, factorial, and fabonacci. The length of the sequence is dependent on the value inputted into the text box.


Basic AI:
In this program, there is a player and computer, the computer follows the player. The player can move using the wasd keys, and can shoot a bullet with the space bar. If the bullet hits the computer, it loses a life, but if the computer gets close enough to the player, the player loses a life. Both the computer and the player have 5 lives.

This program uses arrays and for loops to create the effect that you are moving through a starfield.


Fish Aquarium:
This program uses multiple arrays to create an aquarium with 20 octipi, and 1 crab that eats the octipi. There is also a ship that if the octipi touch the hook of the ship, they get caught. Bubbles also float around the form!


Interger Array:
This program generates an interger array of 5000 numbers. It randomly generates 5000 numbers from 0-5000, and finds the greatest and least values in the array. It also calculates the average of the numbers generated.


Milling Mania:
This is my GITA 1 Final Project that I based on a game that the robotics team created!